At Red Racer Advertising (RRA), we're in the business of adding real value to your company. Our approach is tailored to amplify your brand's presence, drive sales, and enhance your company's market valuation. We understand that each client has unique needs, and that's why we offer flexible engagement models to match your company's goals and challenges.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive marketing strategy, a boost in lead generation, or a creative project to elevate your brand, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results. Explore the three primary ways to engage with us and find out how we can accelerate your business growth.

Agency of Record (AOR)

As your Agency of Record (AOR), RRA becomes your dedicated partner in all things marketing. With this full-service engagement, we take the helm of your marketing strategy, planning, and execution with a keen focus on driving profitability and brand value.

Our monthly agency fee ensures you have a constant, proactive team working to not only meet but exceed your marketing objectives. We're not just about creating ads; we're about crafting a strategic narrative that resonates with your audience and aligns with your business goals.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is our forte, especially for our medical industry clients who benefit from our targeted online campaigns. By optimizing your website and utilizing a mix of media strategies, we specialize in capturing high-quality leads through form fills and inbound calls.

Our history of success in driving sales leads is a testament to our ability to identify and reach your potential customers where they are most receptive. Let us connect you with leads that convert, and help your business thrive.

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Special Projects

While our passion lies in adding long-term value, we also have a soft spot for one-off projects that allow us to flex our creative muscles. If a full AOR engagement isn't what you're looking for, we're ready to collaborate on special projects that can make a significant impact.

Whether it's a brand activation, a digital campaign, or an innovative marketing tactic, we bring our A-game to deliver outstanding results that highlight the best your brand has to offer.

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