Why we have a MAGIC Jar in our office.


Why we have a “Magic” Jar in our office.

Do you have a swear jar in your house? We don’t… However we do have a “Magic” jar. No its not a jar that can float around the room or fills up with magic potion, it is a jar for the literal word magic.

In this crazy data filled world companies shroud themselves behind words like the cloud, off-site data miner, but the cream de le crème is the Word “Magic.” Yes, I said it… No client should ever feel that “Magic happens” a company is hiding themselves from telling the truth. Which usually means the company hasn’t done the research yet, has no idea how they are going to put it together, or are outsourcing to another company and really don’t know the process.

Here at Red Racer, we ban the word magic. We are not magicians, we are data driven, deep diving creatives. We have a completely transparent process with our clients on how we develop and deliver the data of your cliental. Our finish line is to help you build growth to your company by increasing leads and business by understanding digital marketing.

Again, we are not magic, we are just people who understand what it takes to make the internet marketing work for you, instead of it working against you. Have questions? Feel free to talk to us anytime you want and well get your digital marketing going.

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