WHAT? 40K for a logo?


“We want a new logo. We have no real idea of what it should look like, or any idea what even goes into a logo study, if we’re being honest. Oh, and we should add that we want complementary logos for each of our different product lines under the umbrella brand. And maybe a new tagline for each. That’ll just take you a few hours, right?”

If you’re a CMO and you’re nodding your head because that sounds about right, you may be surprised to learn that the designer involved is probably sighing loudly, and, in place of a head nod, there’s somewhat of a glazed-eyed twitch and a semi-violent shake.

You’re probably also going to be surprised to hear that what you’re asking for could easily climb into the high five-figure range. At least. For a solid, ad agency-led logo study for your business—without all the added “complementary” logos and taglines, you could be looking at $40K, depending on the agency.

WHAT? 40K for a logo?

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, hold on a minute…

Breathe. It’s going to be OK. We’re not saying your logo is going to cost $40,000. But we’re also not not saying your logo is going to cost $40,000. It depends on a whole lot of stuff.

The truth is this: Creating a mark for a company is one of the most challenging tasks that you, the business owner/CMO, will face when beginning to brand your company or when going through a rebrand. Your logo isn’t just a pretty image or typeface (or both). It speaks to the soul and goal of your company. That’s the designer’s jumping-off point, kicking off the the creative exploration, research, and design. And with so many designer choices, range of prices from hyper-affordable to outrageous, and of course, your needs as a business to consider, it’s not always easy to know where to start or which way to go.

I’m here to help shine a little light on the subject by identifying the different services and pricing structures, and talking about why an image can be so pricy. Knowing how much you should pay and what type of service you should hire for your logo is step one. Our logo philosophy is this: We want to set your image as a company apart and help you lead your business category without leaving you feeling like the graphic design burglar came in with a golden arch and left you with a big fat goose egg in your marketing budget. We do research into competitors (just like you!), look analytically at your company, and figure out the best solution with options that will connect with your clientele.

However, we aren’t the only choice out there, nor do we ever expect to be a fit for everyone. So, let’s talk about all the options for logo design:


Logo service companies

Logo service companies deliver a quick, generic product. Prices are usually way below $500 and turnaround may also be quick because there is not the same level of research and analytical approach to branding you might find with an agency. These logos are built with stock icons and fonts and there’s a huge possibility that the logos are recycled from work done for (but not chosen by) other clients. This is a great way to get an extremely budgeted logo if you don’t mind something generic and without the thought, time, and effort that goes into top logos.


Logo Designer

You want a badass logo? Maybe hiring a logo designer who churns them out all day is your answer. These are expert designers who live and breathe logo design and are going to deliver you a good quality design. They cost upwards of $700 or more, however, some designers have available packages that come with business card design or a whole slew of logos in various formats without asking to take your dollar a little further. What may lack with this solution is the agency touch that buys you a team of professional who can think through your goals, your competition, and your unique challenges, keeping branding front of mind.



Now, this is the deep end of the logo pool. This is honestly the best choice if your company has a good budget and wants a logo connected to, and able to build, your brand. An agency doesn’t leave you hanging; you know exactly what you are going to get: a planned logo identity package. An agency will dig into your competitors’ look from both an analytical and design standpoint, see what your clientele responds to, and listen to your thoughts and needs. You will get rounds of revisions, options, and color palette choices. The end product will be the delivery of a full identity package from the ground floor. What this means is that not only are you getting a logo but your business cards and letter head, as well. It’s everything you would need to introduce your company to a new potential client.


Which way should you go?

It all depends on the size of your company and what your specific needs are. A start-up may only need a quick logo and may choose to produce everything themselves. A business looking to expand their market share with a fresh look and feel may lean more toward an agency that is going to position them in the market as a visual leader of the bunch.

Still have questions? Give us a shout. We would love to talk to you about your logo needs and any other way we can help market your company!

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