Red Racer’s Own Scott Crowell: Steering Creativity into the DSVC Judge’s Panel


Exciting news from the Red Racer Advertising front: Scott Crowell, our Chief Creative Officer, has been tapped as a judge for the DSVC 55th Annual Design Competition. This selection shines a light on Scott’s impressive journey in advertising and design, and we couldn’t be prouder.

With a rich background that spans more than two decades, Scott has been the driving force behind countless successful campaigns for our clients, ranging from local startups to national giants. Before steering the ship at Red Racer, he made his mark at top-tier Omnicom agencies and worked with leading brands like 7-Eleven, American Airlines, and AT&T to name a few.

Scott’s knack for pushing the envelope in branding, promotions, and lead gen is not just about winning pitches. It’s about setting trends and crafting messages that stick. His role as a judge at the DSVC 55th is a nod to his expertise and the respect he commands in the industry.

Beyond the boardroom, Scott’s involvement with the DSVC, Dallas Ad League, and the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce underscores his commitment to nurturing both the creative community and local business ecosystem. And yes, when he’s not charting our creative course or contributing to the community, Scott’s probably outdoors, golfing, fishing, or strumming away on his guitar, always learning something new.

We’re excited to see Scott bring his blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and industry insight to the DSVC 55th Annual Design Competition. It’s an opportunity for us at Red Racer to celebrate one of our own while reinforcing our belief in innovation, leadership, and the power of good design.

Join us in congratulating Scott on this well-deserved recognition. Here’s to more creativity, more groundbreaking campaigns, and yes, hopefully, a few more guitar chords along the way.

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