Red Racer Wins Gold!


Dallas Ad Agency Red Racer Advertising Wins Prestigious Gold Graphis Award.

Dallas advertising agency Red Racer Advertising made a splash in its first international competition, winning a Gold Award in the prestigious Graphis Advertising Annual 2016. The Gold Award was for a print ad campaign for the shop’s Radius Horizontal Directional Drilling client.

If it sounds like a tall order to create an award-winning ad campaign for a blue collar, construction-based industry that typically pushes out straight-forward, product-oriented designs in a similar look from client to client, that’s the point. Instead of going with the expected design concept, Red Racer used humor to connect with its target—a departure for this industry, and one that paid off.





“Most of the advertising in the horizontal directional drilling industry concentrates on showing a guy with a hard hat using a piece of equipment. We wanted to have some fun with this campaign, and we were blessed to have a great client who wanted to set himself apart from the herd,” said Scott Crowell, Partner/Creative Director of Red Racer. “We still used a large product image and product specs in cutaways. It looks technical, but it has some fun with the target. This is a fun-loving bunch and they get the joke.”

The ability to connect was key to the success of the campaign. While the Graphis Gold Award celebrated the design aesthetic and concept, the campaign was also a success from a results standpoint.

“The campaign was effective and is a great example of our approach to results-driven creative solutions,” said Crowell. “People approach our client at trade shows to tell him they loved the ads, they have been well-received in the industry, and sales are up. Despite a difficult time in the gas and oil market, which has had a direct impact on this industry, sales increased for Radius last year, which we can attribute to an effective, noticeable campaign with a unique perspective and strong ad recognition.”

Red Racer Advertising was founded in 2009, bringing together a team of seasoned ad agency pros with big agency, big brand experience for clients like 7-11, AT&T, and Mastercard, in a boutique, service-oriented environment.

“It was important to us on day one to combine our large ad agency tactics with a boutique approach to client representation, which translates to personal service, timely responses, and a caring approach to the success and satisfaction of our clients,” said Red Racer Managing Partner Amy Crowell. “That remains our goal today, so being honored by such an esteemed outfit like Graphis while also recognizing how happy our client is with the work is extremely rewarding.”

Red Racer Advertising is a full-service agency based in Dallas, TX that creates award-winning advertising and marketing solutions for local, regional, and national clients from nutritional supplements to telecommunications to healthcare.

Graphis’ Advertising Annual celebrates the best advertising work of the year in several categories. Graphis is considered one of the most prestigious international awards given to industry professionals and agencies.

Special thanks to Scott Harben for the great photography and creative partnership he always brings to every project.

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