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In today's world, a traditional marketing agreement based on dollars for hours may not fit your needs. If you're looking for a performance-based strategy that provides instant results and accountability, Red Racer Advertising's pay-per-lead option may be perfect for you.


How it works:

A pay-per-lead arrangement means, essentially, that we're on commission. When you engage with us, you determine your annual or monthly budget for lead generation and management, and we discuss the goals you're seeking to accomplish. We then develop a cost-per-lead formula that acts as our scorecard.


Unlike a typical agency arrangement, you don't pay upfront for work. You only pay for the viable leads we produce, so there's no set number of hours or dollars attached to a request, and no scrambling to justify costs or figure out new tactics to try. We use our proven lead-generation formula not just to bring eyeballs to your sight but to connect you with real customers, and then continually monitor the data and adjust our strategies where needed to ensure that you are getting the best outcome.


We love a fun project!

Sometimes, you just need a piece or two of quality work produced. We get it. Using a production artist or freelancer is always an option, but you may not get the level of expertise or depth of understanding you need to convey your message and connect with customers. When companies come to Red Racer Advertising for project work, they're doing so because they trust our reputation and depend on our professionalism, experience, and team of experts.


Whether you're just looking for a well-designed ad, a logo and brand identity, a website, a multi-channel campaign, or some other type of creative or design work, Red Racer is there for you. We can work as independently or as collaboratively as you need, delivering the type of results you are depending on.


And if your project leads to other projects and maybe a discussion of an ongoing relationship of greater scope, well, that would be wonderful—but not unusual. Executing high-quality project work over a vase array of marketing disciplines is how we were first introduced to many of our long-term contract clients.


Proactive, monthly marketing support.

Here's a familiar scenario: Your hire a company to do your web design. It takes a couple of months, and then once it's live...crickets. The company you hired is off on a new job, because the money you paid them to create the site is gone, and so is their responsibility to you. Want changes? That's going to cost you.

So now what? You may have a great design and some pithy content, but what happens when you want some new content or a new page added? What if Google changes their algorithm and all of a sudden you're not getting the traffic and leads you expect?


A piecemeal approach is not only expensive and inconvenient, it also lacks the oversight needed to effectively manage your web presence and be proactive about site optimization and lead generation.

Red Racer Advertising's Subscription-based Service may be the answer. Instead of a big upfront charge to design your website and then a disappearing act when the site is finished, you get a year of consistent service that extends well beyond the web design stage.


What's included?

A complete audit of your existing website, for starters. Our rating tool scores your website based on 9 different categories including programming, analytics management, design, content, and forms, and compares that score to your closest competitors. From there, we're able to generate a website plan with all the tools you need today to be a leader in your industry.

But, we're not just building you a new enterprise-level website; we're managing the entirety of your online presence according to your business goals—and the launch of the site is only the beginning. Want SEO and ongoing content? Done. Maybe you need better control over your pay-per-click advertising. Great. Also want to run a few traditional ads per year? We can do that, too.

"Red Racer gets it done. I never have to ask them for anything. They drive the process."
- Dania Rimlawi, Director of Marketing - Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute

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