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Medical Practice Lead Generation

At Red Racer we know what you want: more leads. The more qualified leads your practice can get, the more patients you can help. Over the years we have successfully partnered with multiple medical practices to help increase their qualified leads. During this time we have created a marketing process that can be applied to almost any medical specialty to help increase patient population.

Lead Generation


Who are you? What do you do best? Why should anyone care? These are some of the first questions we will ask you on our way to making your practice stand out from the crowd. Your brand is more than your logo. It's your practice's DNA. Patients need to understand who you are and if they should come see you. We are not looking to invite everyone into your waiting room. We want patients that can use your services and be successful.

Digital media examples

Digital Media

We will analyze your digital presence both on your website and on social media. Then align your digital assets with your business goals to help attract the right kind of patients. If done right, your website can act as a lead generator and show your expertise in your field of medicine.

Content Creation

When you launch a website you are in the publication business. Your website must stay up to date with your staff's continuing education. Content creation is a great way to share important information with past, current, and future patients. We're talking blogs, downloadable guides, videos and more. Content is also the cornerstone for good SEO so you show up when future patients are looking for a medical solution.

Advertising examples


While a lot of your success will be determined by your digital assets, there will still be an opportunity to do some traditional advertising in local "Best Of" magazines and trade publications. Most of your patients will come from a close radius to your physical location so some local publications will help drive leads.

"Red Racer gets it done. I never have to ask them for anything. They drive the process."
- Dania Rimlawi, Director of Marketing - Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute

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Scott Crowell
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Guy Gustafson
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