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Red Racer Wins Gold!

We are very excited to announce winning a Gold Award in the prestigious Graphis Advertising Annual 2016 for our Radius Horizontal Directional Drilling print ad campaign.

Developing your corporate personality: Game on!

The reality is that deciding who you are as a brand or a business doesn’t seem that difficult. Until you sit down to do it. Using universal archetypes as a guide can help businesses in identifying their company’s key differentiators. Trust us when we say that this exploration is always enlightening and often surprising—and not just to us.

The Forgotten Fifth Element to Achieving Success as a CMO

 How many of you knew the median tenure of CMOs in 2015 was 26.5 months? How many of you just said “That’s shocking?” The job security of a CMO is not what it used to be.

So how does a CMO keep his or her job? What is the secret to longevity in the CMO position?

Why we have a MAGIC Jar in our office.

Do you have a swear jar in your house? We don’t… However we do have a “Magic” jar. No its not a jar that can float around the room or fills up with magic potion, it is a jar for the literal word magic.

Designing for the user

Knowing your audience. There may be no more important marketing principle today. Because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how fancy your website or how pretty your ad is if the message doesn’t connect with your target.


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"Red Racer gets it done. I never have to ask them for anything. They drive the process."
- Dania Rimlawi, Director of Marketing - Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute

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Scott Crowell
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Partner - Account Services
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Guy Gustafson
Director of Digital Services

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