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Red Racer Wins Gold!

We are very excited to announce winning a Gold Award in the prestigious Graphis Advertising Annual 2016 for our Radius Horizontal Directional Drilling print ad campaign.

Advertising Annual 2016 Spotlight Submission

Real men own good tools, claims Red Racer’s trade publication campaign. While their tagline, “At least you’ve got a tooling solution you can count on,” appeals to a universally acknowledged ideology, their approach was intended to break out of this “sea-of-sameness,” they wrote on their Graphis Portfolio. “Every ad in Underground Construction Magazine, and the like, featured a guy wearing a hard hat and a flannel shirt, holding a product….There are many funny stories and practical jokes that take place on a job site and we wanted to tap into that.” Read the full write-up here

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"I just trust that Red Racer is going to get it done. And without rounds and rounds of revisions."
- Stacy Rupert, Senior Product & Communications Marketing Managers

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Scott Crowell
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