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At Red Racer our process is based on continuous learning. Our process is less linear and more of a constant gathering and applying of data to make each wave of communications more effective.

Step 1

1. Your Story

Before you can go to market you have to know what you are going to say. We sit down with each of our customers to discuss business goals, write product reviews, go on a field trip to manfacturing plants, write buyer personas, and create a brand statement, all so we can create a highly targeted marketing campaign. The time we spend in this upfront planning stage saves countless hours and revisons later on in the process.

Step 2

2. Marketing Inventory

Now that we have your story we can evaluate your current assets and needs. Some companies have a lot and some do not. This is also where we use our web site evaluator tool to grade your online presence and see if it needs an upgrade.

Step 3

3. Build Your Sales Machine

Once we know where you want to go, what you want to say, and what you need to say it with, we can build your sales machine. We will create content strategies, plan media, and design creative assets to meet and surpass your sales and marketing goals.

Step 4

4. Launch!

The site is live, content is being published, ads are running... While the creation process is exciting, seeing everything working in unison is always a great feeling. This is also when the data collecting begins. We use a combination of advanced tools such as Google Analytics, in combination with some custom data collecting and monitoring tools we have created to track your campaign's performance.

Step 5

5. Optimize

As we gather data we make adjustments as they are needed. These adjustments could be to the campaign messaging, media mix, or site design, all to get you the highest ROI possible. While this is listed as the fifth step in the process it is actually ongoing on a daily basis as long as we have you as a customer.

"Red Racer gets it done. I never have to ask them for anything. They drive the process."
- Dania Rimlawi, Director of Marketing - Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute

Meet the Leadership Team

Scott Crowell
Scott Crowell
Partner - Creative Director
Amy Crowell
Partner - Account Services
Guy Gustafson
Guy Gustafson
Director of Digital Services

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